Vinzenz' Aufenthalt an der Trinity College School (2018-19)

Port Hope, Ontario, Kanada

Zwischenbericht zu TCS-Programm „First Through The Gates“

After a long conversation with my mother, we decided that I was going to visit the school two weeks before the official beginning. What I did there was the “First Through The Gates” program offered by the school. In the beginning, I was a bit distrustful of the program.

After the 9-hour flight, I finally arrived in Toronto and met the 3 other German kids who will go to the same school as me and take part in the same program. On the way from Toronto Airport to TCS we, of course, spoke German but we noticed at the moment we arrived at TCS we have to speak English, there is no other possibility. So, the adventure started, and I was a bit uncertain about speaking English only. At the same moment we arrived there were 30 other kids coming from all over the world and we sat in a circle playing name games. I have to admit it was a bit strange in the beginning and because it was in the evening everybody went to sleep after a quick delicious pizza. An important question for me was: “What will my roommate look like?” All of us went to their rooms and I was curious but when I got in my room I saw him. He was a smart guy from Canada and we liked each other pretty much.
Next morning after morning sport, the program started and we got introduced to the huge campus. All of us were amazed how huge and beautiful the campus is. Overall, we learned to find everything on campus, for example, Osler Hall, the place where we’ll have every meal real soon. It was pretty interesting to be on such a huge campus with only 30 students where normally 600-700 students are.
To come back to what I did on the first days, we had some quick lessons where the teacher showed us some basics about this school, how to work and what will be important. Also, we got introduced to how the WIFI works and how we can connect to it. (By the way, the WIFI is acceptable, and you definitely don’t have to worry about that.) After the first week passed we went on a short camping trip that was pretty funny and you actually got better and better with your new friends.

So, what is good about “First Through The Gates”?
First, you definitely learn how the school you visit works and what is waiting for you. You are getting to know so many new friends with who you can have a good start into boarding school life, and because for some people it is not easy to find new friends that is definitely such a big help. You know the whole campus from the beginning so you know where you have to go and help others if help is needed. Your self-confidence about speaking English non-stop is getting better and better.

Looking back, it was the best for me to do the “First Through The Gates” program and I am happy that I did it. So, if you are scared about the first weeks at your new school, the program is a good opportunity to get self-confident.