Paula-Paminas Aufenthalt an der Trinity College School (2012-13)

Port Hope, Ontario, Kanada

Coming to an unknown city without having any experience being away from home, without a hockey team that supported me in everything I did and without a family that was always around me, the thought of going to a boarding school was tough. The first step into my new home, my new family and my new support was scary but the first step into Ketchum house was a relief - I knew that this year will be an amazing and unforgettable one.

I tried out for the big side field hockey team for the fall term, with my skills from home and the skills from other teammates and friends from Canada we managed to win the CISAA championship and the 4th place in OFSAA, which set a new record for the school. This was the beginning of my TCS career - it helped me build up friendships and amazing times. It truly was a great start.

Soon I started to realize how important it is to use all these amazing opportunities at TCS. When I heard about the Ecuador MeToWe trip, I just applied for it and after a couple of weeks they accepted me. From December 1st until December 14th we travelled with 14 other students through Ecuador and helped build a school. After those 2 weeks we came back as a family and really good friends. It was an amazing trip. I learned so much and realized how much we have and how little people living in other parts of the world sometimes have. This trip really opened my eyes.

In the winter term I joined the senior nordic skiing team and have to say that it was a true Canadian and awesome experience. After a cold and snowy winter I chose to go on a dog-sledding trip. It was quite interesting to live with dogs for 4 days in a tent.

The year went by really quickly and my last term was right in front of me. I joined the big side girls’ rugby team. Every day we practised hard, even on muddy and rainy days. Going through injuries quite often and studying for exams while playing this amazing sport. Both of my coaches were incredible and made my last term at TCS amazing and unforgettable. My biggest goal was getting my colours in sports and my sports tie. After doing my three big side sports I finally got both my colours and my tie, I also received my community service hours tie as I helped in various projects and did this amazing Ecuador trip. TCS offers a huge range of opportunities, not only sports and trips, but also orchestras, the choir, theatrical co-curriculars and of course amazing visual arts. By the end of the first months living in Ketchum house, it truly became my second home.

This year was just incredible. All the things I did, all the friendships I made and all these amazing moments at TCS will never be forgotten. Saying good-bye on speech day was very hard. The tears rolling down my face just showed how much I love this place and how amazing this place is.