Max' Aufenthalt an der Brentwood College School (2018/19)

Mill Bay, British Columbia, Kanada


The first few months of this school year are over, and I really had an amazing time. After my family dropped me off in Mill Bay, a 4-day orientation organized by the school started which really helped me getting into my life and Brentwood. I immediately found new friends and it didn’t take long till I felt comfortable at my new home. I have the impression that I have elected the right courses, it’s definitely not easy but if I use the 2 provided hours of prep every day, I don’t feel too challenged. I have a lot of fun playing tennis and especially rowing and I am looking forward to competing in a competitive manner in both sports in third term.  
My major goals for the rest of the year are obtaining and overall academic grade over 90 percent so I achieve an academic award, and which will be really hard, going with the rowing eight to nationals in Ontario.