Josefines Aufenthalt am Albert College (2017 - 2018)

Belleville, Ontario, Kanada

For my future it is very important for me to see the world. I love travelling and I want to see and discover many places all around the world. I know that I am very privileged to have this opportunity of education and studying abroad. That’s why I want to do something honorary social in my future and help people who don’t have this much luxury.

Since I was in Grade 7, my big dream has been to become a haematologist. I’m very interested in medicine, especially in blood. I have read a lot of books about leukemia.
To reach this goal I have to work and study really hard. After graduating at Albert College, I want to go back to Germany to study medicine. To be accepted at University I need very high marks. My goal is it to keep my average in the 90s.

In the fall term, I was part of the girl’s field hockey team of Albert College. It was the first time I played field hockey - I have never done it before. I learned the rules and some techniques and played – mostly as a midfield player – many home and away games. Our team even won the first place in the CISAA. I had a lot of fun playing field hockey and I am very sad that we don’t have it in my hometown in Germany. Now, in the winter term, my sport is badminton. I have played badminton for many years in Germany and I really like it. I’m looking forward to trying Lacrosse for my first time in spring!

My arts period at Albert College is drama. I participate in the play “our town” and have taken over a role from a girl that spontaneously can’t participate anymore. In those rehearsals I’m not needed in drama, I go to choir in arts period. I performed in the Carol Service and I really enjoyed it. I’m also part of the women’s choir that practises once a week.
I’m part of the wind ensemble at Albert College, where I play the first clarinet. I started to play the clarinet when I was 9 years old and have always participated in bands since this time. I really enjoy it to be part of the school band. I also auditioned for the CISMF and I’m very happy that I was accepted and participate in this big event. Since I was five years old, I have also been playing the piano. I usually practise it every day and that’s why I really missed it to play, in the first time at Albert. But since October I have an e-piano in my room at the Victoria Manor and now I can practise whenever I want to.

In the beginning of the school year I participated in the Gleaner’s food drive to collect food for the food bank. On the day of the Welcome BBQ and the Alumni dinner, I volunteered for babysitting and together with a friend I cared for six children that afternoon. I also went to the food bank with Mr. Stansfield where we packed food for poor people in Africa. In December I told some students coming from a college in Belleville in form of an interview about the German culture. I also signed up for doing the “Sleep Out”. I participate in the Duke of Ed program, where I’m doing the bronze level. According to this I went to the canoe trip in fall and also planned to join the dog sledding trip what was unfortunately prevented due to health reasons.

I think my most rewarding and exciting experience is my time here in Canada. It probably also was one of my biggest decisions in my life. Although it’s hard sometimes to be that far away from home and my family, it is an experience nobody can take away from me and that changes my whole life and the view on life.